As part of a long-term partnership with the city of Wetumpka, CPM has helped develop the master plan for an athletic complex alongside the Coosa River, just north of a new casino development. During work on these projects, CPM came across the historic, and quite famous, Fain Theatre.

The Fain Theatre switched on its dazzling marquee and opened its doors to the public in 1937, inviting the people of Wetumpka, Montgomery, and the surrounding areas to enjoy an evening of luxury and entertainment. Wetumpka was proud to be the home of the new and modern cinema, with its stately architecture, beautiful interiors, and the community it created within the city center.

Though The Fain closed its doors in 1975, the marquee still remains outside the charming theater, a reminder of the warm southern nights experienced with friends and family at the cinema. It is a reminder of the patrons who might have come to the city center to make the evening movie, to hear the sounds of Hank Williams or Roy Rogers, and to gather with friends at The Fain.

In many ways, The Fain Theatre stood as a symbol for Wetumpka — an inviting community center showcasing, and shaped by, the rich culture and southern hospitality of the town.



Introducing the Fain Drafthouse Concept

The Fain Drafthouse Cinema will allow people to experience a fabulous dinner and beverages while enjoying a film in the heart of Wetumpka. Servers will take orders before the movie starts and deliver dinner
and drinks quietly throughout the movie, making for a memorable and enjoyable entertainment experience.

Though much has changed in Wetumpka since 1937, as many times is true, the more things change, the more things stay the same. The Fain Theatre has since closed its doors, and though the lights of the marquee no longer cast a neon glow, the spirit of culture and community still thrives along the banks of the Coosa River. The spirit of The Fain Theatre still possesses potential.

We see that potential. The Fain’s legacy of bringing folks together
could be manifested again, as a place to gather with friends, family, and neighbors. The Fain Drafthouse Cinema could continue to realize the dream of Ruby Fain of years ago. A taproom and lounge in the lobby and theater with dinner service in the back, the Fain Drafthouse Cinema would be a lively resurrection of a Wetumpka icon.

Folks may stroll along the river, greeting each other outside beneath the soft glow of The Fain Drafthouse Cinema’s lights. They may gather in the lobby, still known for its beautiful interior, taking a seat around a bar or a table for a drink before the show. Old friends will catch up over a cocktail. They will drive in from Montgomery for a cheerful evening over a craft beer.

As showtime approaches, they’ll move from the lobby to the theater. Many faces would remember gathering in this same place, decades ago. Their children and grandchildren having heard about the time Hank Williams performed only feet from their chairs.

They’ll give their dinner and drink orders to the waiter, who will quietly serve them throughout the movie.

The Fain Drafthouse Cinema will not feel so different from its former self. The shows may not be the same, but this place of entertainment, community, and livelihood will bring together friends, old and new, from Wetumpka and beyond.