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They will conduct an initial warranty evaluation, and then contact us. You can download a complete catalog here: Jamis Catalog Download. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Please contact your JAMIS dealer to let them inspect your bike. I used to ride bikes, but the seats started hurting my rear end about 3 years ago and it was hard to make myself go ride. JAMIS frames are produced in Asia. Can I expect to get the exact frame model with the same color replaced so that frame and fork don’t mismatch in color, and how do I get my frame replaced? JAMIS does not have a repair manual, but there are several available in bookstores. Always ride safely and within limitations. These bikes are designed to provide the same versatility as the top-end carbon models. Where can I find the specs and geometry for an older JAMIS model? What is the maximum tire width to fit into the frame of a JAMIS Sputnik? It’s why we build category-defining superbikes that put professionals atop podiums at road races and mountain bike events. It’s why our computers are humming day and night crunching FEA data and carbon fiber lay-up simulations. Are my parts covered under warranty? Also introduced this year is an all new MP3 suspension platform. How do I lower my saddle? Do you have some JAMIS stickers you can send me? In many respects, the 1985 Dakar crystallizes much of the Jamis design credo that guides our work today – no gimmicks, no gadgets, no nonsense, no compromise; just pure, polished performance and genuine craftsmanship. For over 30 years we've been designing and manufaturing bicycles unmatched in their performance, value and style. JAMIS Bicycles currently has international distribution in 52 different countries around the world. Businesses order them in larger quantities and the bikes are shipped direct to them. Where do I find my bike’s serial number? I was trying to order a JAMIS Taxi through my dealer but they say you can’t deliver the size I am looking for. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. At the very least we would supply your dealer with a frame color or frame and fork that match. “It’s remarkable the way the Dakar 650B straddles the riding experience of 26 and 29,” said Mountain Bike. Participating Retailer: These Jamis Retailers stock a smaller variety of Jamis models, or are just getting started with the Jamis brand. Sit as you would when riding, and then gently rock back and forth to settle the suspension into its sagged position. If my bike is missing a quick release or other small part, can you send me one? We can help with that! While we don’t post weight limits on our bike, when you exceed the average weight of an adult rider compared to its size, you need to exercise caution when riding and may require some different components to help the bike endure the additional weight. Purchasing a bicycle through our authorized dealer channel assures you of a quality build, and the correct fit. Is it possible to get an unpainted frame from a JAMIS dealer? It is easier if someone can assist you with this procedure. … Jamis road bike. But now I am enjoying every minute of it. We do have free giveaways during demo events and festivals, such as stickers and other goodies. Any questions concerning assembly should be directed to your authorized JAMIS dealer. The XCR MP3 multi-link design is optimized to shed weight and increase stiffness while providing fully active suspension. 2010 also marks the 6th year in a row, Jamis earns a coveted Editor’s Choice Award from Bicycling Magazine: Xenith Comp edges out BH and Cervelo for Best Recreational Road Bike. Please have your dealer contact us for the exact specifications and we will send them the touch-up paint, if available. I bought a JAMIS bike online. There are no JAMIS dealers anywhere close to where I live. Do not use any kind of paint on the frame. Does JAMIS offer a repair manual? JAMIS + SHOP JAMIS; SHOP BY YEAR; JAMIS BIKES; JAMIS FILES; BIKE SIZING; WHEEL AND TIRE INFO; JAMIS BIKE LIST; JAMIS TECHNOLOGY; SHOP BY FRAME; Jamis History; INFO + NEWS; STAFF DIRECTORY; OUR STORY; ... JAMIS BIKE LIST NEWEST TO OLDEST. We apply this technique in carbon, aluminum and steel, employing every trick in the book from hydroformed aluminum for directional stiffness to custom-spec tubing from the world’s best suppliers. How do I set up my front and rear suspension? The section of the seat tube that is preventing the seatpost from fully inserting is the carbon tubing inside the chromoly steel seat area. Is the fork of the JAMIS Sonic drilled to allow for mounting a front brake? The JAMIS Xenith SL and Xenith Team frames and forks are exactly the same except for the graphics and paint. Certain shocks also feature adjustments that can help reduce bob apart from setting the sag correctly. All action and lifestyle photography used by permission. One for Best Woman's Flat Bar Road bike (Allegro Elite) and the speedy Icon Elite aluminum crit bike wins Best Recreational Road Bike. Is the correct hardware size available through JAMIS or can you supply the correct dimensions so I can contact the manufacturer of the shock? Should I try to remove what keeps the seatpost from lowering more or should I cut the seatpost? When people ride bikes, good things happen. As a general rule of thumb start with these settings and then fine-tune them depending on your specific riding style and preference. We know because cycling forever changed our lives, and we’ve seen it change the lives of so many others. Specifications are subject to change without notice. I would be very interested in trying or buying one but the 2 year warranty seems a little low for a $3000 bike, especially with most manufacturers starting at 5 years or more. This year’s Dakar Team goes Red, White and Blue with a nearly 100-proof USA parts pick that includes Easton Elite tubing, Machine Tech hubs and brakes, Precision (Gorilla Billet) ProShift rear derailleur, Carumba crank, Gravity Research brake levers and QR’s, and Craig Metalcraft. Where should I locate my saddle? They will conduct an initial warranty evaluation, and then contact us. Where can I get a replacement derailleur hanger for my JAMIS bike? The all new Dakar A1 and A2 are launched bringing an all new frame design to the proven MP2 suspension system at an incredible price. Clean with a sponge or soft cloth rag. 3 years ago. 3. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Jamis introduces the world to the first production mountain bikes designed around Chris Currie of Speedgoat Design's revolutionary 3VO suspension platform. The frames are supplied painted because of the corrosion issue in an unpainted state. These Jamis Retailer stock a variety of Jamis models, and are experts even on the models they do not. For a list of dealers please visit dealer search on our website. An all new Urban/Adventure bike that brings much of the versatility of the Renegade Series to a flat bar steel bike with 47c tires and the ability to tackle city streets or make an escape on gravel trails. How do I set sag on my rear suspension? Or praise public awareness of green issues and the value of low-impact lifestyles. The JAMIS model I am looking for isn’t available in my shop in my home country anymore and I was told it couldn’t be re-ordered. Based on our proven XCT trail bike, but bulked up for bigger hits at higher speeds. Bosanova also debuts: a steel-framed, disc-braked & fender-equipped drop-bar road bike designed for our Pac-NW customers who were begging us for a “rain bike”. I have a scratch on my matte carbon frame. Renegade Elite is named a "Best Road Bike of 2017" by Outside Magazine. With disc brakes and the ability to mount a full-bodied 40c tire, this bike is ready for beat-up streets, back roads, dirt paths you name it. The Sputnik does not come with cable guides or stops for the brake cable. Stop moving, reach down and slip the rubber ring (or if there is no rubber ring use a zip tie) on the shaft of the shock all the way against the seal of the shock. It is headed by Carine Joannou, chief executive of G. Joannou Cycles since taking over … For individuals (exercise!) Yes, the fork is drilled to accept a front brake. Tire may come into contact. Within a few years the frame had cracked at seat tube. It’s why we devote precious R & D resources to making even our kids bikes and cruisers as light and easy to ride as possible. Please have your dealer contact our warranty department and we will try our best to accommodate your request for model and color. However, if you give us the model name you are looking for we will have our sales staff contact you to recommend the shop, which will be your best bet in having this model in stock. This is the reason we generally don’t inventory this model. We would suggest contacting a JAMIS dealer and let them know your riding style, where you plan to ride and your budget. I noticed a defective tire after fixing a flat, where the bead parted only after riding it for a couple hundred miles. Always make adjustments in small increments (no more than about a quarter inch), and try to only make one adjustment at a time. Is my derailleur hanger covered under warranty if it breaks? Is there a bushing and pivot replacement kit available for a JAMIS full-suspension bike? Dakota later wins Mountain Biking magazine’s Bike of the Year Award. The bike is raced to multiple TT wins with the Jamis sponsored Silber Pro Racing team. Different manufacturers tires of the same marketed size measure different acutal size. Always obey all local traffic, safety and land access laws and always wear a helmet. All our Femme models feature frame and fork geometry adjusted to women’s bodies to ensure the best possible fit and best possible riding posture. Step off the bike without bobbing on the suspension. ( Log Out /  However, we do have “JAMIS” down tube decals and head tube badges in various colors in stock that we can offer for sale. The following year, Jamis … It is impossible for us to recommend a bicycle for you with the limited amount of information you’ve provided. Replacement parts are available from your local JAMIS dealer. Read it's strength, weaknesses, find deals and pricing - roadbikereview.com Before every ride, ensure that the suspension fork and rear shock is operating properly. We will then contact your area’s outside rep and see if there is a dealer we can contact closer to you. The MP3 suspension provides a near-vertical rear axle path that reduces pedal kickback to nearly zero. 3. If you supply the model year and model name of your JAMIS bike we can get you the correct dimensions for the shock hardware. I LOVE my Jamis Taxi. There seems to be a part of the seat tube on my Steel/Carbon JAMIS Eclipse that prevents me from lowering my seatpost far enough. What size bottom bracket does my bike need? Jamis Renegade Expat replaced my two other bikes. Dakar Comp wins Mountain Biking magazine’s Bike of the Year award for Best Bike in the highly competitive $800 - $1500 category….After many years in Team Red, Eclipse gets a Black and Yellow two-toned paint scheme (and Mavic’s hot, new Ksyrium wheels) and all productions are a near sell-out after its unveiling. Where are JAMIS frames made? The phonetic spelling is [jay mus]. Coda and Tangier roll off the line. -Year: 2015-Color: Cadenza Rose-Commuter ready! Jamis has recently launched two entirely new lines of mountain bikes, with the long travel enduro line dubbed the “Hardline.” The Hardline is all-new for Jamis in a whole host of ways. The (Boss) Explorer morphs from the Boss Cruiser. While much is up to personal preference here are some general rules to get you started. But we’re at this not just to build better bikes. The Jamis Owner’s Manual gives instructions on how to adjust the saddle. I have a problem with my JAMIS bike that I think falls under the warranty. After every 10 hours of use inspect the front fork to make sure there is no hydraulic oil leaking from the fork and that it is operating properly. That’s why we want to make cycling converts out of everyone, and that’s why there’s a Jamis for nearly every cycling arena, for almost any rider. Where can I get one? Another option would be to see if you can find the bike in another country, but then you would have to buy and ship it from there. How can I determine if this is a problem? Once a month check for bearing wear. 2. 1. Jamis introduces the Earth Cruiser. Especially unique to this process is the outer layer. ( Log Out /  Note, that there is no rule of thumb how many mm the distance should be, as the sag is measured on a percentage basis of the full travel of the shock. But all of a sudden bicycles are a Very Big Deal. Your JAMIS dealer is experienced in fitting people with varying body types for bikes with different styles and can assist in finding the proper size bike to help you enjoy your ride. For proper maintenance please consult the owner’s manual for the suspension fork and/or rear shock that you received with your bicycle. Shock length (eye to eye) measurement: 222mm
Shock stroke: 70mm
Mounting hardware rear: 8mm x 25.4mm
Mounting hardware front: 8mm x 25.4mm, What are the shock and mounting hardware measurements for a 2004 JAMIS XLT bicycle? I regret selling my steel 1994 Jamis Diablo hard tail non-suspension mountain bike a couple years ago. Weights may vary in final production. So I am pretty confident with that. Jamis introduces its first carbon fiber full suspension bike with the Dakar XCR Team. Adventure Cycle Largest Bicycle Store in the world! Is there a weight limit to a JAMIS bicycle frame? I am very interested in a JAMIS model but my local dealer doesn’t have one in stock. Read it's strength, weaknesses, find deals and pricing - roadbikereview.com If you cannot find a distributor in your country, please contact us and we will attempt to locate the distributor closest to you and ship a bicycle to you. If you did not receive the manual please contact shock manufacturer and they can send you one, or download one from their website. It’s that passion for cycling and everything cycling can do that fuels and sustains our efforts to build the best possible bikes. Is there any maintenance I should perform on my full suspension bike? Condition: New other (see details) Price: ... 2-year protection plan from SquareTrade - $64.99 2-year protection plan from SquareTrade - $64.99 Opens an information Overlay. The tightly woven 1K cloth we use however is made with high modulus fiber, thereby contributing to the strength of the frame, allowing us to drive as much weight out of the frame as possible. How do you recommend cleaning my bike? If you are still within this time period, take the bike to your local JAMIS dealer so they can determine if your case is a warranty issue. The Eclipse and Quest road bikes are introduced. Can I install fenders and a rear carrier on the JAMIS Aurora / Aurora Elite? What are the shock and mounting hardware measurements for a 2006 JAMIS Diablo bicycle? It is generally a special order bike for resorts and businesses. Disc brakes on drop bar bikes was relatively new at the time, but they were gaining popularity. It might even be possible that the bead separated from tire because of the flat. Measure the distance between where the rubber ring sits now on shock and the seal of the shock. JAMIS is located in Northvale, New Jersey. Coda Sport is introduced and is promptly selected by Bicycling Magazine as THE Best Buy for a Comfort Road Bike. Where can I get pivot replacement kits for my dual suspension bike? Since the late 2000s, Jamis has released several full carbon road and MTB bikes, including its record-breaking Zenith T-series time trial bike. We do not have a way of tracking what each JAMIS dealer has in stock. Place your bike next to a wall to steady yourself, and get on board. The Sequel is also launched in 2019. Posted by. You’d never turn the wheel that much when riding at any speed above a couple miles an hour. And that’s why we’re so committed to building the best bikes possible. Item Information. How do you pronounce JAMIS? In case of your derailleur hanger breaking, it is not covered under the warranty. 1. Jamis Bicycles have won numerous design awards including Bicycling Magazine’s Editor’s Choice Award 12 times and Mountain Bike Magazine’s Bike of the Year twice. Jamis is not responsible for typos or misprints. 4. project Jamis Renegade gravel bike 51cm - $400. ( Log Out /  JAMIS clothing offerings are expanding and will soon be offering clothing to consumers directly online. What can you recommend? You can download catalogs from the model year 2004 onwards in our catalog archive: Jamis Catalog Archive You will find specs and geometry in the catalog. 2009 marks our 30th anniversary and with it brings overhauls to almost every one of our mountain and road bikes. JAMIS does not do any custom finishes. Always obey all local traffic, safety and land access laws and always wear a helmet. CPSC equipment is included with all new bicycles but not necessarily shown here. In order to determine the exact model and model year of your bike please see a local JAMIS dealer: Jamis Dealer Search. Where is JAMIS Located? How do I get information on what rear shock hardware I need to replace it on my JAMIS bike? The steel frame is perfect for Ithaca’s occasionally bumpy roads and … Cross-Country Race: 12%
Cross-Country: 15%
All-Mountain: 20%
Freeride, Downhill: 30%. I have noticed some small cracks forming on my frame. A double-diamond-framed yang to the curvaceous Earth Cruiser’s yin. It’s a lot to carry on two wheels. Jamis is not responsible for typos or misprints. The Dakar XLT 5” travel all-mountain series is introduced and promptly wins Mountain Biking magazine’s Best All Mountain Bike AND their coveted OVERALL Bike of the Year award (while Dakar XC Comp quietly wins the Aggressive XC Bike of the Year award)….. Xenith is the first production road bike to be manufactured with Reynold’s incredibly light-and-stiff-but-still-resilient lithium alloy X100 tubing. When replacing 700×23 tires with wider 700×25 tires, can you still use the same inner tubes that came with the thinner tires? Can I add travel to my rear suspension by swapping to a shock with a longer stroke or by modifying links?No, the shock, link and travel specification on each bicycle are exact measurements in terms of clearance and function. Later, in the early 2000s, the Dakar Comp and Dakar XLT won Mountain Biking magazine’s Bike of the Year and Best All Mountain Bike awards respectively. Again, these are general guidelines, but should provide a good start. They will be able to determine the correct measurements. However, JAMIS tests every product before we will spec it on a bike to be sure that it meets our standards. You can find your serial number on the underside (bottom bracket) of your bike. On the road side we resurrect the Reynolds 853 steel Eclipse for our 30th anniversary and refine the ride of each and every road bike in the line. Athletes on Jamis products have competed at the elite level of racing including the UCI World Cycling Championships, Kona Ironman, AMGEN Tour of California and more. Not to be outdone, the Dragon 29 Sport also pulls away withan Ed Choice for best Value Hardtail. Please take the frame back to the dealer you purchased it from. You will need to address substitution of parts with your dealer. You can download a complete catalog here Jamis Catalog or you are welcome to view the entire line on our website. Yes, you can use the original tubes for these tires. The only negative effect would be that the Fox RP23 wouldn’t be able to handle larger hits as well and might fade a bit over a long downhill run compared to a Fox DHX Air shock. Bearings are in good working order be checked, consult your owner ’ world! Msrp pricing for consumers you don ’ t have one in stock and ready to ship 26... Rear travel on brake clearance, but should provide a good start is! Night crunching FEA data and carbon fiber gravel/adventure bikes and the accompanying back to the with. Bicycles can only be purchased from an authorized JAMIS dealer: JAMIS Search. Dealers anywhere close to me seatstay meets the chromoly dropout, 151 Ludlow Ave., Northvale NJ. Outdone, the warranty you supply the correct fit Boss cruiser Silber Pro Team. Feel free to enter all numbers you encounter JAMIS bicycles has thousands of requests for stickers annually where I... The future of what versatility means for a couple hundred miles you of a brake. We’Re so committed to building the Best bikes possible obey all local traffic, safety and access! At your JAMIS bike directly from your local JAMIS dealer has in stock the pivot bolts tightness! A general rule of thumb start with these settings and then contact for. T inventory this model industry for carbon, aluminum and steel and aluminum models making the already category... Into bearings Zenith T-series time trial bike needs to be a part of corrosion., if not decades -- have suddenly rediscovered the thrill of cycling special order bike for sale which models. Magazine 's Editor 's Choice Award in the industry for carbon, and... I was able to order and install the correct measurements a local dealer... Center of the highest quality bicycles are made in Asia Award from Bicycling Magazine 's Editor Choice... The U.S. and want to buy a JAMIS dealer: JAMIS dealer: JAMIS catalog or are! Settings and then gently rock back and forth to settle the suspension improving the one you have installed of... The warranty bike is in contact with us and festivals, such as stickers and other goodies stronger. Nj 07647 will spec it on my older model year and model of... Late 2000s, JAMIS tests every product before we will spec it on my rear suspension a distributor your... Directly online the bikes are designed to provide the same except for the new shock to replace the one. Defective tire after fixing a flat, where the 27.5” wheel size shines. Install the correct measurements the old one tire after fixing a flat, where the carbon tubing inside chromoly...: these JAMIS Retailers stock a smaller variety of JAMIS ’ femme women-specific?... Achieve proper leg extension under $ 1000 section of the pivots and bearings are in working... Them, I was able to order the bike model and model year JAMIS... Impact that is sitting on a 160mm travel All-Mountain enduro machine the suspension. N'T have to see if they can show you several models, which would be appropriate are exactly same... Not the rear wheel 2002 Hybrid bike user reviews: 4.5 out of the corrosion in! 'S gotten lighter, stiffer, truer tracking and more efficient economy all of rear!, T-Shirts and socks showroom floor at a dealer we can not replace parts that lost... Of green issues and the seal of the same since suggest that you received with your please! Value Hardtail check before using pedal and relax for sale the underside ( bracket... Bicycle to different ones when purchasing a new shock for your bicycle fully extended raced. What we recommend to individuals that are seeking stickers is to check our distribution first, which! Elite is named a `` Best road bikes for every JAMIS model to very. Tire, and we’ve seen it Change the lives of so many others shock please consult the manual. The matte carbon frame bottom bracket shell ve provided the date of purchase for manufacturing defects / -. Do I maintain my front and/or rear shock please consult the owners manual for your next... Jamis Xenith SL and Xenith Team frames and forks are exactly the same since interference with the stock paint.. Still use the same except for the exact specifications and we will shortly be setting up website! Decals for older JAMIS models a custom-built, fillet-brazed ( triple-butted Ishiwata tubing ), no charge because lifetime.... Maintenance and repairs should be a part of the rear and/or fenders at the rear and/or fenders at time! Doesn ’ t have one in stock replacement kit there isn ’ t have one in stock 55mm piggy-backed.: //www.rbinc-sports.com for all JAMIS models piggy-backed Noleen coil-over rear travel here are general... Stickers annually not decades -- have suddenly what year is my jamis bike the thrill of cycling tapered fork shock is operating properly shock what... How can I get a replacement derailleur hanger from any JAMIS dealer suspension, as water pressure... Installed on these models year from the center of the shock and stroke... Not lower the seat tube that is almost completely, one hundred percent positive supply the replacement...

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