Success takes focus. Focused commitment toward a common goal. This is CPM. Capital Program Management. This is what we do. It is all we do. It is our focus.

Focused Commitment

CPM’s focused commitment is to act as an owner representative to manage the project delivery process for you, with your best interests at the forefront. We serve as your representative to all team members in the construction process, thus providing an independent, knowledgeable, experienced, central point of contact.

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Focused Professionalism

When you embark on a new building project or existing facility renovation of any scale, you inevitably rely on a team of experts to correctly hear your vision and execute that vision on your behalf. We believe managing architects, builders, engineers and project managers takes as much expertise as designing or building the project itself.

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Focused Stewardship

You will invest time, energy, and money to make sure that all of your needs and specifications are included in the scope of the project from day one. It takes focused stewardship to meet your needs and make the project successful while keeping cost, time, scope, and quality all carefully managed.

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