Focused Commitment: From inception to completion, our commitment is focused on your project at every stage in the process.

As a totally autonomous firm, CPM brings clarity and consistency of your vision to all those involved in its realization. CPM offers expertise and experience from the owner’s point of view, acting as an extension of your staff to strengthen your role. This unique perspective serves all team members well by averting the learning curve, enhancing communication, and reducing delays.

Risks are inherent in the facility design and construction process. Risks that can cause schedule delays, increase costs, and sacrifice quality. CPM’s focused commitment is to dramatically minimize those risks by managing the project delivery process to achieve quality-focused, cost-effective, dispute- and injury-free projects for you.

We understand that your time is critical to the success of your business. We understand that if managing a building program diverts your focus from your primary business responsibilities, you lower productivity, which may put your enterprise at risk. CPM relieves you from the relentless issues that arise throughout the planning, design, construction, and post construction process; yet allows you to retain control. Our focus on your construction project keeps you focused on your business.