Focused Stewardship: As your steward, we serve as the utmost guardian of your resources.

We focus our years of experience, professional expertise, and unflagging energy on day-to-day management of your resources: controlling costs, making sure that deadlines are met, and ensuring quality standards are attained.

We are your advocates. We are resolute in our pursuit of your vision. We are present when you cannot be. And at any point during the process, you can turn to us for a holistic view of the status of your project. We serve as the single point of contact for you, the architect, the builder, and the rest of the team.

Scope Focused

An undefined project has infinite solutions. At CPM, we listen as you communicate your vision, and help you bring focus and definition to your project by guiding you through the crucial first step of creating a clearly defined scope. We conduct a thorough needs assessment so you can answer the broader questions of program configurations, then we hone in on critical details. Based on in-depth experience, we focus our attention on thorough discovery of all issues that need to be addressed. We provide expert feedback based on prior project experience and we create conceptual budget studies to gain an initial understanding of costs. Focused attention on the project scope ensures that your project gets off to a great start.

Time Focused

Time is an irreplaceable resource. Lost time is expensive, inconvenient, and impossible to make up. That is why CPM focuses on managing the schedule throughout the program management process. Our focus on schedule identifies the varying factors that could affect outcome, so we can forecast their impact in order to minimize delays to the overall project. Day in and day out, we direct our attention to meeting deadlines, communicating changes to the team, making adjustments to timeframes, and mitigating any negative effects of those adjustments. This focus on time takes time. It takes attention. It takes energy. It takes CPM’s focused commitment to realizing your goals.

Cost Focused

At CPM, we watch your costs as if they are our own. We know that mistakes can be costly, so we take every measure to avoid them, scrutinizing schedules, challenging assumptions, checking accuracy. Our ultimate goal is the best possible stewardship of your resources. As an autonomous owner’s representative, we put our experience and expertise to work on your behalf, representing your interests at every stage. And we leverage the strong relationships we have cultivated during 22 years in the construction industry to maximize value for you.

Quality Focused

Quality endures. Quality adds value. At CPM, we pay close attention to the design and construction of your projects for the sole purpose of making sure the design is practical and the construction meets its quality requirements. We believe that we must review and inspect what we expect, so we build quality control into every step of our construction program management process. We focus on quality to catch potential mistakes before they’re made to avoid time-consuming and costly fixes. Both design and construction are carried out to minimize your lifetime facility cost.