The closure of the Southside Steam Plant by Alabama Power Company prompted the University of Alabama at Birmingham developed its own system to provide steam for heating, de-humidification and sterilization to 30 Academic and Medical Buildings located across UAB’s campus located in metropolitan Birmingham.  The new system consisted of a 6 boiler state-of-the art steam plant, 30,000 linear feet of 8”-30” diameter steam delivery lines, and a complete condensate return system.  The location of the installation mandated that the components be installed over/under streets, through tunnels, over bridges, and through existing buildings that remained in full operation during all phases of construction.  The system had to be scheduled and managed to avoid the interruption of campus activities as well as operations of the UAB Medical System.  Special university considerations and constraints were considered in the schedule which drove the logic of the bid packages and system procurement activities.

CPM was part of the project management team that managed the project within budget and schedule.