Whether it is an old historic building needing renovations, or a recently completed facility with an energy bill that is too high, our team can bring clarity to the solution.

Existing Facility and Site Evaluation

Focusing on long-term needs, we direct you through a systematic process to evaluate whether or not your existing site or facility can currently meet those needs or be modified to do so. We also evaluate new sites and conduct due diligence, including utility availability. Within this phase, we investigate other site alternatives that may exist, perform a cost evaluation for them, verify site zoning, and provide re-zoning assistance. Investing in a comprehensive site evaluation is indispensable in preventing costly changes and delays.

Forensic Investigations: Building Performance & Financial

Whether the issue is trying to optimize the financial return of an investment property,resolve water intrusion issues, or building a more sustainable plan for managing your facility, the process starts with an audit of the existing property. The fact that CPM has in house financial analysts and construction experts allows us to look at both at the same time. The result of this process is a action plan that will help your facility perform better in the long-term.

Facility Maintenance Plan Development

In a facility of any size or any age, proactive maintenance performed by a professional is going to extend the life of your building and equipment. To do this, we analyze things from the age and maintenance history of operational systems to building renewal and aesthetic upgrades. This type of in depth analysis is exactly how we can build a proactive plan that allows for both maintenance schedules to be created, but more importantly, allows you to forecast maintenance budgets with precision.